The Parent Intake Session

After your initial enquiry, parents or carers will be required to attend a Parent Intake Session. This meeting lasts 60-90 minutes and has several purposes:

  •  identify your child's strengths

  • to discuss your concerns

  • gather relevant social, emotional and physical background information

  • outline a plan and discuss practice procedures and policies

At this session a regular weekly appointment time will be scheduled to provide your child with consistency and continuity.

* Please note that this your child DOES NOT attend this session.

At the first session, we will greet you and your child and take them into our Playroom. In this room the child can play with all of the toys in most of the ways they will like. They are given the freedom to explore and play out and communicate whatever they need to. This Child Centred approach to Play Therapy allows the child to 'play out', reflect, problem solve and resolve their thoughts and feelings and is led by the child.

Child's First Session