During these uncertain times we believe it is important to provide as much continuity as possible to our clients but within the parameters of safety for everyone. 

With this in mind, we have the following procedures in place to protect our clients, staff and the wider community:

  • QR Check-in is provided on the glass door and at the front desk. A sign in sheet is also located on the front desk if unable to use the QR code

  • Hand sanitiser is provided both on the front desk upon arrival and in the rooms

  • Children will place all toys and items they use in the bucket provided and each item will be individually disinfected and the room sprayed for airborne germs

  • Masks will be worn by everyone within the building

  • All clients will be collected and returned to the glass doors (waiting area temporarily  closed)

  • Daily cleaning of all surfaces

  • Our Therapists are Vaccinated

Please check out our COVID Safety Plan for further details 

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