Our ACTPaks have been carefully selected and designed to help you ACT when your child feels overwhelmed by big emotions. Generally, children can't put into words what is going on when they are in this state. Most commonly their behaviour shows you that they are not coping so providing tools that engage their senses can help relieve symtoms associated when they are in freeze, fight or flight. We strongly recommend the following approach when using the ACTPak to assist you child:

1. Acknowledge their feelings

eg. "I understand you are feeling angry right now because........"

2. Communicate a limit

eg. "But hurting other people is not ok because......"

3. Provide Alternatives (ACTPak contains these alternatives- provide at LEAST 2 alternatives) 

eg. "So you can use the bird to calm down, the putty to stretch or the water snake to squish"


This Pak contains up to 10 items which may include:

Tin Putty, Balancing Bird, Glittery Water Snake, Squishy Ball, Finger Pop, Pop It, Tangle , Figit Spinner as well as the famous Breathing Ball and well as other items as they become available.


*Colours and styles may vary from those pictured and are selected at random


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